Summer Camp 2014 - CFE Summer Camp 2014 - CFE Gabe makes his circuit 194985208 Micah, Susan and Joe 194985209 Shooting fun with Chris and Gabe 194985210 We had water volleyball to cool down 194985212 Gabe's building Team The Webelos got to build different types of bridges for the engineering activity pin 194985213 We swam every Day 194985214 Fill the bucket and bounce back! 194985215 See, aliens! 194985216 Susan looking on with a den parent 194985217 Scientist activity! Can you keep the pin pong ball on the straw? 194985218 We all needed a nap, especially Gabe 194985219 Joe shooting his sling shot at the can Tigers got to shoot sling shots instead of BB-Guns. 194985220 Gabe and his group making rockets 194985221 Chris making plaster prints 194985222 Chris shoots at his target 194985223 Gabe Espinet making an alien with clay 194985224 Micah Martin caught drinking! 194985225 Chris Martin making his circuit 194985226 Alien Craft 194985227 Chris martins bridge building group 194985228 Joe Martin is glad to have made his alien chia head 194985229 Chris Martin's Alien paper creation 194985230 Webelos got to learn canoeing too! 194985231 Gabe taking a rest during the rocket shoot demo 194985232 more crafts 194985233 Joe Martin is really proud of his rocket 194985234 Gabe says "look mom, i found an alien!" 194985235 Susan and her co-leader hiking across the grounds 194985236 Gabe Espinet and Chris wait out the rain 194985237