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Camping Gear

The Boy Scout Motto is "Be Prepared"  but you can't realistcly be prepared for everything except to "relax"  A cub scout Pack rarely has "Pack supplied gear", you will have to provide your own or borrow form our group. The following is a basic and essential camping gear list for camping.   If you forget something, don't worry.  The seasoned campers usually will have two of everything that you can borrow.  Several of us have an extra tent that you can use for your first outing.  Just ask and we wll do our best to get the tent to you in time to learn to set it up.

Camp essentials:

 Tent – When purchasing a tent look for one with enough head clearance to stand up. Also go by measurement not person, you will never get as many people comfortably as they say.

Tarp – You will need a tarp large enough to cover the ground under your tent.  Even if your tent has tarp material, moisture from the ground condensates under the tent, so use a tarp to keep the tent clean and moisture free. During cold weather, an extra tarp over the top holds in heat.  During long periods of rain even the best of tents eventually start to leak.  An extra tarp over the top can help prevent a wet tent.

Flashlight – Every Scout should have his own flashlight.  Not only is it practical, it provides some sense of security to young boys in the dark woods to have a flashlight next to their pillow.  Headlights are popular too. These are the lights you wear on your head for hands free illumination.

Sleeping bag – A typical light weight bag is fine. A 40 degree bag as a minimum. Good old blankets are fine too.

Pillow - Some air mattresses come with air pillows, throw them out and bring one from home. If you have ever tried to sleep on a baloon you will know why.

Air mattress or cot –If you buy an air mattresses, I suggest singles, they do loss air and with large ones when one person moves the other does too.  DO NOT allow your scout to jump on them and do not walk on them as it will stress the seams and you will be on the ground by morning. I prefer a cot as it is off the ground and your gear can go underneath, but make sure they will fit into your tent.

Lantern(battery) – You should have a battery powered lantern for inside your tent. Do not bring a fuel lantern into your tent.  It is not only a burn and fire hazard but carbon monoxide creator.

Cooler – This should be large enough for lots of drink especially water and your food for the weekend.  Some bring two, one for food one for drink. Rember to rancoon proof it at night.  Remond your scouts NOT to raid other peoples coolers.

Chairs – You should bring a folding chair for every one in you party.

Utensils – Bring either plastic or paper plates, cups and silverware for the weekend for your family. 

Condiments  - the basics

 Paper towels – For clean up

Matches or lighter - A stick lighter works best , do not allow children to play with them

 Wipies – For a quick wipe down 

Toiletries – Don’t forget your toothbrush, paste, shampoo, soap, towels etc.

Bug Spray – for ticks and mosquitoes

Sun screen – Water or sweat proof 

Hat- for sunny walks

Medications – Any you might possibly need

Good hiking shoes – Do not wear sandals, flip flops or open shoes, never go bare foot at camp. This is for adults too.

Battery powered fan – even a little air movement will make a huge difference.

Garbage bags - each family most pack out their personel trash

Water water water - Every one will be more active then usual, drink clear liquids often. Note: Soda is fine for an occasional drink but not as the only source or fluids. A soda is actually a mild diuretic (makes you pee) and can case you to lose more fluids than is replaces.  Dehydration is a serious concern and you should push fluids.

  Camping optional items:  

Propane grill

Camping cook set

Folding table

Propane lantern

Battery power and inverter

Small folding table for in the tent

Porto potty

Extra batteries

Basic first aid kit

Walkie talkies

Weather radio

Extra change of cloths – We get dirty. An extra pair of shoes is a good idea too

Rain gear

Rope or string

Duct tape - works for everything from cuts to tears

Sewing kit


Mat or small rug -this is nice to keep the dirt out of your tent and give a place to remove shoes 

Toilet paper – just in case, I have been on camping trips where the rest rooms ran out.


Dust pan


Fishing pole

Coffee pot

Back pack

Kitchen set – wash tub, drain, etc

Laundry bag

Games – incase it rains

Extra propane

drink huggies

Bungee chords



Work gloves

Tent seam sealer

Air mattress repair kit

Extra lantern mantels

Aluminum foil

Gallon zip lock bags

Small duffle - bag for going to shower

glow sticks

cleaning supplies - dish soap

extra tarp - many uses

swim suit - just in case we have lifegaurds and registered, trained leaders

  For cooler weather:

Long pants

Long shirt


Extra Blanket


Tent heater

 Things to not bring to camping:







Liquid fuel or open flame lanterns

Candlers or torches

Childeren that are not either a registered scout or a sibling of a registered scout

Electronics (radios, tv, dvd, etc)

Other Electrical devices lights, fans, heaters- unless you have an invertor, there is generally no electrical service at youth sites.

use the following link to generate a custom camping list!

camping list generator



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